Thursday, February 16, 2012

Giving Thanks....


So I've not been too good about keeping up with the blog... I did, however, win a free bloggers Ecourse and will be taking advantage of that soon.... I hope. Time - there is not enough of it.

I've been reading blogs about tablescapes and have developed quite the obsession over it. I hope to have pics to post for Thanksgiving dinner. I found an AWESOME deal at the Goodwill Store (8 amber wine goblets for a total of $6!!!).  I really want to use them for my Thanksgiving table settings. I have it all planned out.  I just need to find the time for execution. I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family (4 of us), my cousin and my brother-in-law.

Last year I cried "foul" and insisted that we go out. Since we don't live "close" to family, I wanted a day free of being chained to the kitchen. It's just the 4 of us, however, I was in the kitchen from sun-up until after the Thanksgiving meal was cleaned up and put away. Not fun.

Our experiment of eating out on Thanksgiving was not one of my best ideas. Everyone had something to complaint about (these sweet potatoes taste NOTHING like yours, etc.).  Really, a compliment. We were so unimpressed, that I swore to never make us eat out on Thanksgiving again. So what if I have to spend all day slaving over a hot stove and oven... it's worth it if the family appreciates it and looks forward to it.

This year will be even better having two of our family  members joining us!  So I'll be spending my weekend cleaning out and cleaning up the dining room (it has become a collection room of sorts over the last couple of months).  I will be pre-setting the table (the better to take before pics).  I will (hopefully) be posting my first ever TABLESCAPE photo(s) and sharing with you my Goodwill finds.

EDIT: I did actually take pics of my table and have posted them here for your post-thanksgiving enjoyment!

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