Monday, April 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Tablescape...

Yes, you read that right.  I finally located the correct memory card to upload the  Thanksgiving pictures to my computer.  I thought I better get them connected to the correct post before next Thanksgiving.  

You'll have to forgive my photos...I realize after taking and uploading that I am my own worst shadow. I'll get better, I promise!

Table set for 6 1/2
Side buffet/hutch
At the top of stairs

My "Pocket Dragon" Collection

My brother-in-law and niece came to celebrate the day with us, as well as my cousin.  That's my son, bro-in-law, niece (on lap), my daughter in back, me (on floor) and my cousin. Mr. BBB doesn't like to get his picture taken, so he and the dog decided to take it easy on the sofa.  I always enjoy when my family comes to visit. We are a definitely a crazy bunch, but that just makes our together time that much more fun.   (FYI - my arms are crossed because I noticed after taking the first timer picture, that I had spots from cooking. It's not any kind of on purpose posing -- well, it is, but there's no special meaning or message.)

Pottery:  Longaberger (all of the colors/patterns you see are still available here.) The solids  are a mix of paprika, sage, butternut and chocolate.  The patterned stoneware is Nature's Tradition.
Chargers: Walmart (although I saw them at Michaels and Hobby Lobby, too.)
Pumpkin/Turkey plates & Acorn Salt/Pepper: HomeGoods (2011)
Crystal water glasses: a wedding gift 21 years ago...I do not remember the  name of manufacturer or pattern
Amber wine glasses: HomeGoods (2011)
Candles down center of table:  Partylite
Tablecloth: HomeGoods (2011)
Placemats: Longaberger (2010)
Napkins: Longaberger (2000-2011)
And, of course, any baskets you see are Longaberger, including the white pumpkin & vase on top of my Pocket Dragon collection. 

I'm including this picture, although it is almost too blurry, because it's the only one of my mantel that I took. When we first bought this house (2004), we painted over the brick, tore out the hearth and replaced it with granite tiles. I would LOVE to paint the fireplace white, but Mr. BBB is not in agreement (yet).  I had purchased a black-framed rectangular mirror for above the fireplace, but it didn't make it up in time for the day.  It was hung sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The mantel holds some of my mercury glass (pumpkin-HomeGoods/Candlesticks-Partylite), as well as two more Longaberger pumpkins, which are made out of wood splints. I ran a string of orange lights through the fall leaves garland, but next year plan to "pump" it up some more.  The candles are either orange or black glitter; and the apothecary jar on the mantel, as well as the vase on the floor are filled with cinnamon scented pinecones & potpourri. 

Thanks for stopping by! 


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