Monday, March 19, 2012

March Photo of the Day Challenge (Days 1-5)

I decided to jump into a "photo of the day" challenge over at  I am just a tad bit behind in posting my photos. These are the challenges:

Day 1:  "Up" (The steeple of the church where I  work.)

Day 2: "Fruit" (My definition.)

Day 3: "Your Neighborhood" (Looking up into my cul de sac from the stop sign.)

Day 4: "Bedside" (My bedroom is almost impossible to arrange bedroom furniture in because 3 walls have doors. I recently rearranged, but that means I had to come up with a smaller version of a bedside table, because it sits partially in front of the door to our sunroom -- which you can only get to through the Master Bedroom. I've got all I need within reach, tissues, alarm clock, various lotions, my Bible, plus some storage with my LB baskets.)

Day  5: "A Smile" (My American Bulldog, Kai.) 

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